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As a number of nursing specialty areas that require a Master of Science in Nursing struggle with a shortage of qualified professionals, nursing schools have been developing more RN-to-MSN bridge programs as a way to streamline the education process and get graduates into the workforce quicker. In fact, 29 RN-to-MSN bridge programs are currently in development, adding to the 166 established programs currently in place.

RNtoMSNedu.org was created to support the nation’s community of nursing education providers, public health policy officials, and state licensing bodies, as well as the nurses aspiring to achieve an MSN degree and the communities they serve. RNtoMSNedu.org was specifically designed to serve as a dedicated resource for RNs as they work to select a bridge program that will prepare them for careers in advanced clinical practice, clinical leadership, administration, informatics and education.

The staff here at RNtoMSNedu.org is made up of a collective of advanced clinicians, nurse leaders and nurse educators working on behalf of the healthcare community and nursing schools alike to help offer solutions in the public interest to issues affecting nursing practice in the United States.

Chief among these issues is a growing lack of access to primary care providers, as well as a critical shortage of nurse educators. As much of the United States struggles with a shortage of physicians to serve as primary care providers, nurse practitioners are widely recognized as the solution. And, as nursing schools are so badly understaffed that they must turn away qualified pre-licensure nursing student candidates, the only viable solution is to accommodate increased enrollment by having a greater number of nurse educators on staff at the nation’s nursing schools.

In both instances, the solution is clear: RN-to-MSN bridge programs offer the fastest path to helping nurses earn a Master of Science in Nursing and take on advanced clinical and non-clinical roles. RNtoMSNedu.org is here to help make enrolling in these programs easier by providing the information nurses need to make informed decisions about their education options.

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