Research Opportunities Provide A Fantastic Outlet for Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners have a fantastic array of opportunities available to them as a result of their advanced education and experience as nurses. The quality of their knowledge allows them to maintain treatment and assist in the diagnosis of illness to a fantastic degree. However, working directly with patients is not the only option available to nurse practitioners.

Research is an integral and fascinating part of the ever advancing medical field, and for nurse practitioners, engaging in studies of their own as well as keeping up with new studies can greatly improve the quality of patient care in many different arenas.

As an example, the annual meeting of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), took place this last June in New Orleans. It marked the 50th anniversary of the conference, the largest gathering of nurse practitioners in the country. Drawing professionals from all over the world, the conference also serves as a platform for a variety of different research exhibitions.

This year, they include the work of Dr. Diane Pace, a nurse practitioner and active researcher into the causes of and treatments of menopause. Currently a professor at the University of Memphis, and an active family nurse practitioner, Dr. Pace is a true expert in the field.

Her presentation, “The Menopausal Woman: Reviewing the Evidence and Developing a Collaborative Plan for Primary Care.” outlined new treatments that could help provide relief for hot flashes and other symptoms associated with menopause, as well as highlighting a new non hormonal drug called Relizen.

With platforms like the AANP conference, there is plenty of opportunity for practitioners across the country to make a huge impact on the nursing and medical field as a whole. Dr. Pace was joined by a host of other exhibitions for a variety of different treatments, and there is no telling what exciting new research could be exhibited at next year’s conference.