Becker College Graces Central Massachusetts with the Latest MSN Program

Becker College will soon join the ranks of esteemed schools like the University of Massachusetts and Worcester State University by opening its every own graduate nursing program this upcoming fall semester. Students that gain acceptance into the MSN program can choose between two specialization pathways: global leadership or nursing informatics.

The new master’s program is specifically designed to enable registered nurses with associate’s degrees to jump into graduate studies, circumventing the hurdle of earning a BSN altogether. These RN-MSN programs are popping up all over the country in response to mounting pressure from the medical community to accelerate nurses into advance positions.

Becker College’s decision to develop its MSN program is no doubt part the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education’s aspiration to the increase the number of nurses BSN, MSN or doctoral degrees from 55% to 66% by 2020.

Back in December 2014, the Massachusetts Action Coalition (MMAC) delivered a press release indicating that the nursing education initiative hinged on the availability of classroom and laboratory amenities, access to clinical opportunities, and the supply of nursing faculty leaders.

To further encourage nurses to receive advanced degrees, the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) announced has forged a partnership with Becker College allowing members to waive their enrollment fee and receive a 15% tuition reduction discount upon entering into the MSN program. The MNA has established similar partnerships four other colleges including:

  • Emmanuel College (Boston, MA)
  • Southern New Hampshire University (Manchester, NH)
  • Saint Joseph’s College (Standish, Maine)
  • Walden University (Online)

As an added bonus, Becker College’s MSN program is primarily offered through remote curriculum so that students can complete degree requirements while still maintaining their current job schedules. However, students are expected to travel to the campus during two predetermined weeks of the semester.

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